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honoring creativity - restoring balance - embracing wholeness

By observing nature, ancient traditions explained all of existence through five elements.  

Connective Elements Healing aims to restore you to your true nature through five healing offerings -

BodyTalk, Coaching, Meditation, Reiki and Yoga. 

Sculpture "Sanctuary II" by Brower Hatcher, Hunter Museum

Photo by Megan Swindro

BodyTalk, rooted in the principles of quantum physics, maintains that everything is interconnected - like a web. When one thing shifts, all the interdependent elements that construct the web respond - and thereby shift. 


BodyTalk, an integrative holistic healthcare system, utilizes the innate healing wisdom of the body to balance the entire bodymind. 

Each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Stress, trauma, lack of self care, illness, worries, poor nutrition and toxicity impede this communication and decrease our physical, emotional and mental well-being. 

BodyTalk identifies the elements of the bodymind that are involved in the dis-ease and links them, so that the body may heal itself. By re-establishing the connection among energetic circuits, communication is bolstered and the body is ready to recover and heal. 

When we have created something dysfunctional within the bodymind, at the physical, mental or spiritual levels, our innate wisdom communicates to us in the form of symptoms. These symptoms serve as an alert that something in bodymind must change. BodyTalk aims to clear the symptoms by alleviating the story behind the symptoms.   

Blending quantum physics with ancient philosophical knowledge, BodyTalk supports people through non-invasive, innovative and effective methods for healing.

Sculpture: "Sanctuary II" by Brower Hatcher, Hunter Museum, Chattanooga, TN

Photo by Megan Swindro

BodyTalk practitioners assist clients in balancing their own bodies, welcoming optimal health and wellbeing, working with them to embrace wholeness. Rather than seeking out the problems within the body, the practitioner utilizes a structured intuition procedure, coupled with biofeedback, to identify priorities within the bodymind that require balancing.  

BodyTalk is comprised of learnings from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Environmental Balancing, Quantum Physics, Belief Systems Theory, Emotional and Memory Release Techniques and several Western Biomedicine fields including epigenetics, anatomy and physiology.  

The BodyTalk System is a very powerful tool in the field of personal development. Balancing the body biochemically, physiologically, and emotionally, while addressing specific beliefs and attitudes, BodyTalk fosters personal and spiritual growth and offers the opportunity to release belief systems. The release of these belief systems shifts symptoms, affecting profound change within the bodymind complex.

There are over 2000 BodyTalk Practitioners world-wide and 80 instructors teaching BodyTalk in 50 countries with translations in 9 languages. 

At Connective Elements Healing, BodyTalk is offered as a standalone treatment or may be combined with other modalities, as they arise within the session. Introduce yourself to this amazing system and book your BodyTalk session with Connective Elements Healing today!

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The universe is a continuous web. Touch it at any point and the whole web quivers.
— Stanley Kunitz